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Affordable Classes Hiding in Plain Sight

Portland Community College is the largest post-secondary institution in Oregon serving nearly 73,000 full-time and part-time students per year. But you don’t have to be a student or pursuing an academic degree to take dance classes there. Some are no credit classes, some are for credit classes (which can be audited) and all are open […]

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2018 Artist Stories – Kathryn Harden

Dance Wire Founder/Director Emily Running sits down with STEPS PDX Founder/Director Kathryn Harden to discuss her life and career in dance. Topics include the various aspects of dance she fell in love with and how they changed over time as well as the challenge of running a dance-related business, and still having time to take […]

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2018 Artist Series – Victoria Rose White

Meet Oregon Irish Dance Academy co-founder and owner Victoria White. At only 22 years old Victoria is already a highly accomplished competitive Irish dancer, performer, teacher, and business owner. Irish dance is her passion, her work, her hobby, her exercise, her life. Interviewed by 2018 Ambassador Chair Laura Onizuka Here are a few other things […]

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2018 Artist Series – Adrianna Audoma

This is a conversation about contemporary dancer Adrianna Audoma, her experience at a performing arts high school, moving to Israel, and the moment she overcame her self doubt and discovered a new definition of what is a “good dancer”. Interviewed by Dance Wire Director Emily Running Here is a short sample of Adrianna in action!

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Artist Stories 2017 – Rebecca Morse

Rebecca Morse, a lifelong dancer and actress who holds titles as Ms. Oregon Senior America in 2016 and as a world champion in pro-am Latin dance, is interviewed by fellow 2017 Dance Wire Ambassador Anne Mueller. Rebecca discusses what she loves most about dancing, why she loves dancing in Portland, and her passion for encouraging […]

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