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2018 Artist Series – Adrianna Audoma

This is a conversation about contemporary dancer Adrianna Audoma, her experience at a performing arts high school, moving to Israel, and the moment she overcame her self doubt and discovered a new definition of what is a “good dancer”. Interviewed by Dance Wire Director Emily Running Here is a short sample of Adrianna in action!

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Artist Stories 2017 – Rebecca Morse

Rebecca Morse, a lifelong dancer and actress who holds titles as Ms. Oregon Senior America in 2016 and as a world champion in pro-am Latin dance, is interviewed by fellow 2017 Dance Wire Ambassador Anne Mueller. Rebecca discusses what she loves most about dancing, why she loves dancing in Portland, and her passion for encouraging […]

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Artist Stories 2017 – Mizu Desierto

Take a moment to listen to this Artist Stories conversation with Dance Wire Ambassador Mizu Desierto of Water in the Desert. Our topics include why you have to be a little bit crazy to pursue life as a dance artist, how the wisdom and meaning of dance progress as a dancer ages, and the unique […]

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Artist Stories 2017 – Elise Morris

Elise Morris has been dancing for 14 years. In this interview she talks to us about why the sense of community in Portland makes it a unique place for a bellydancer. Enjoy this story? Dance Wire has inside access to artists, but we need your help to survive.Make a donation of $10 or more so […]

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