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BeMoved® with Laura Haney

Be moved! Be inspired! Be joyful! Be fulfilled!… all this in one hour you ask?? You bet! This can be yours to enjoy when you take Laura Haney’s class at BodyVox.BodyVox is located at 1201 NW 17th, Portland OR 97209. It is a professional, all-level, inclusive studio with the highest caliber of trained caring instructors […]

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Kupuna Hula (ages 55+)

Wait…is that a gentle Hawaiian breeze I feel?…why yes it is… right here at Hula Halau ‘Ohana Holo’oko’a at the Global Art of Dance Studio, while waiting for my first Hula class. I was warmly greeted by Lisa Chang and offered a practice skirt she has available for her students. (Whew…the tutu I brought didn’t really […]

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Contemporary Floor Work with WolfBird

GRIT … “secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence.” Grit is word I personally love because it has the duality of being hard-hitting, yet with an undeniably positive connotation. I bring up this word because I think the WolfBird class definitely requires some grit.

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Tap at Trip the Dark

Sick of adulting? Who isn’t! Being an adult with responsibilities and the expectation to act mature is way overrated. The solution? Take a tap class! I have never tapped before in my life, but as soon as I put on the tap shoes my childish instinct took over and I just wanted to dance around […]

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